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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bye For Now

This is an idea for a comic strip:

Girl: What is he doing?
Hamster: He found something new, this thing called blog.
Guy: Blogging is so hip and cool. Blogging is the new thing.
Girl: What do you do with it?
Guy: You write about your life.
Hamster: So you write about your life in your blog?
Guy: That's right.
Girl: Do you have your own blog?
Guy: Yes, right here.
*10 minutes passed*
Hamster: What are you waiting for?
Guy: A life.

That pretty much pictures my life at the moment and the reason why I'm taking a long hiatus.

Bye for now, thank you very much for reading all these time, even after I moved from time to time.

Really appreciate it.